Solution: I Lost my SASSA Reference Number, What to do?

Have you lost your SASSA reference number and cannot remember it now? Undoubtedly, the SASSA reference number is paramount; however, in the chaos of daily life, it is not uncommon to forget it. Therefore, SASSA allows you to retrieve your reference number if you lose it.

The applicants get their reference numbers when they submit their applications. This number is important for future communication and must be kept safe. So, if you want to know what to do after losing a reference number, continue reading this blog till the end.

I Lost my SASSA Reference Number

A reference number is a crucial information that must be noted before you forget it. Moreover, a reference number will let you quickly get information on your application.

Why is a Reference Number Important?

After the application process, you will get a SASSA SRD reference number. This number is an alphanumeric code that is unique to every applicant. Similarly, this generated code is assigned to an applicant as an application ID after receiving the application.

A reference number is important because it gives the applicants access to track their application progress. So they can check if they are approved, pending, or rejected. Likewise, the same reference number is used to identify the applicant’s details in the SASSA system.

Additionally, you can also check your SASSA balance through your reference number. You can only get your OTP code if you know your reference number. Similarly, your application form is also not valid without it.

Solutions: How to Retrieve Your Reference Number?

It is understandable to forget a number; therefore, SASSA allows you to access your reference number. So, the following are the options to access your reference number after losing it.

Check SASSA Reference Number via WhatsApp

SASSA is keeping up with the innovation in the digital world, giving its beneficiaries the easiest ways to communicate with them. So, you can ask SASSA on WhatsApp for any information about your application.

  • First, you need to open your WhatsApp and save their contact number, which is 082 046 8553.
  • Next, type ‘SASA’ and send it as a message to this number.
  • Now, SASSA will start a conversation with you and send you their information manual.
  • Then, type ‘status’ and press send.
  • Lastly, the SASSA representative will guide you, and you only need to follow the prompt and give all the information they ask for. Hopefully, you will be able to access your reference number.

Check SASSA Reference Number via USSD Code

If you do not have an internet connection to connect through WhatsApp, you can check your reference number through a USSD code. Moreover, you only need an active cellular network for this method to work. So, follow the following steps to check your SASSA reference number.

  • First, open your mobile phone and go to the dialer.
  • Next, dial *120*3210# and press the send or call button.
  • However, if this code is not working, it means there is some technical issue with it; then you should go for *120*62277#.
  • Then, the SASSA representatives will respond to you by sending you an instruction manual.
  • Finally, follow the instructions given in the manual and select the correct options. Moreover, give them all the necessary information, and you will be able to see your reference number and the status of your application.

Check SASSA Reference Number via Voice Call

If the above methods do not work for you, you can try the voice call method. It is a very simple process; all you need to do is to call on 0800 601 001 from your phone. Moreover, SASSA will list options; you must choose option 1.

Additionally, the SASSA assistant will give you a few commands which you must follow. Likewise, if you respond to the prompts as they appear, you will be able to see your reference number.

What is the SASSA reference number?

The SASSA reference number is a unique alphanumeric code given to applicants after application. It helps in checking the SASSA balance and application status.

What if I still can’t get my SASSA reference after using the retrieval method?

If you still cannot get your SASSA reference number, try a different method. For instance, you can check your reference number through WhatsApp, voice calls, and the USSD code. If these methods are not working, visit your nearest SASSA office.

To conclude, your SASSA reference number is of utmost importance as it gives you access to keep track of your application process, check your balance, and get an OTP. Therefore, you must keep it safe or memorize it to avoid the inconvenience of losing it. However, if you lose it, you can still retrieve it through different ways like USSD code, WhatsApp, or voice calls.

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