How Much must You earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant?

Do you want to apply for a social grant but are unaware of the eligibility criteria? Not every South African citizen can apply for grants unless they fulfill the requirements. All your information along with the income and assets is assessed before your application for the SASSA grant is approved.

If you want to apply and need details related to the income threshold for different grants, you can refer to my article below. It has information related to your monthly or annual income for different grants. Check the income threshold before getting started with the process to save time and energy.

How Much Must You Earn To Qualify For SASSA Grant?

South African Social Security Agency or SASSA is a government agency that helps people who are facing financial difficulties. Millions of people apply for the grants that fall under SASSA but they should fulfill the eligibility criteria. The Department of Social Development assesses the applicants’ income and assets before their application is approved.

If you want to apply for any grant that falls under SASSA and need to know the income threshold, scroll down to go through the details. The information will help you know if you fall into any category by combining your income and assets. If you are married, your income and your spouse’s income will be taken into consideration before your application is approved.

Income Threshold For SASSA Grant

If you want to apply for an SRD or Social Relief of Distress grant, you should not earn more than R624 per month. This should be the total monthly income for your household. If it is more than the given amount, you cannot apply for the SRD grant.

You can apply for a Foster care grant if you are unemployed and need financial help. This can be of great help to people who have no source of income and need some assistance.

If you are old and married, your monthly income should not exceed R16140. You can also calculate your annual income as a married couple. It should be R193,860 or less by combining your and your spouse’s salary.

As a single person who is old and wants to apply for a grant, you should not earn more than R8070 monthly. The criteria are the same if you are a War Veteran who wants to apply for a social grant. Hence the amount for married couples and single War Veterans is the same as it was for old people.

For someone who is disabled and needs some financial help, you can apply for a grant only if your monthly income is equal to R8070. The amount doubles if you are married and wish to apply for a social grant that falls under SASSA. Hence these are some income thresholds that should be kept in mind if you need to apply for financial assistance under SASSA.

A brief yet informative article is written on how much one must earn to qualify for a SASSA grant to help people out. They can find out if they are eligible for that specific grant before getting started with the application process.

It can save their time and energy as they’ll be aware of the income threshold beforehand. I hope my article has all the information that you were looking for on the Internet regarding the income for SASSA applicants.

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