Proline NSFAS Laptop Application Guide

Being a part of NSFAS brings an array of advantages. NSFAS not only provides their applicants with Higher Education but also provides them with a laptop facility too.

nsfas laptop

National Student Fund Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides the Digital Learning Device, which facilitates the learning process for the students to make it more simple and easy for them. The laptop facility provides easy access to online learning that will surely help the students to gain more knowledge online.

If you are part of NSFAS then you should apply for the NSFAS laptop in order to make your learning procedure uncomplicated. Well, there is a basic criterion through which you can apply for NSFAS laptops.

Proline NSFAS Laptop

There are multiple queries regarding the Proline NSFAS laptop scheme and to clear those you need to read this article till the end. NSFAS helps brilliant students to complete their education by providing them with tertiary education expenses.

Apart from giving funds it also provides students with laptop facilities so that they can get their online studies. My experience with NSFAS laptops is quite good.

I applied for the NSFAS laptop scheme and I received the laptop, which helped me a lot to complete my tertiary education. NSFAS basically gives laptops to those students who are brilliant and hardworking.

There is a certain criterion for the NSFAS laptop application so you need to follow the article to know the right application procedure.

Who Qualifies For an NSFAS Laptop?

The application criteria for NSFAS laptop include the following requirements;

  • Students who are current members of NSFAS can only apply for laptops.
  • While applying students should read all the terms and conditions and agree to them before ordering a laptop.
  • Students should be part of Public University and TVET College, which are the basic requirements.
  • Also, those students who have not received the laptop from the College before can apply for this scheme.

Who is Not Eligible For NSFAS Laptop?

Well, the students who cannot apply for NSFAS laptops are as follows;

  • Those students who have received laptops during their registration process cannot apply for the NSFAS laptop scheme.
  • Students who are not part of the NSFAS program cannot get laptops.
  • Students who do not sign the terms and conditions are unable to order an NSFAS laptop.
  • Many of the students are assisted with laptops from their tertiary institute, which means that they cannot order NSFAS laptops.
  • Students who are in the 1st trimester cannot apply for the NSFAS laptop program.

NSFAS Laptop Application Process

The procedure is simple as all you need to do is to follow the steps precisely.

1. Register

The first step includes registering, which means that you need to register yourself for the laptop ordering scheme. If you are a participant of NSFAS and studying in Public University or TVET College then you can apply for Digital Learning Device. For registering you can simply visit the NSFAS official website.

2. Complete the Form

Secondly, you have to complete the Digital Learning Device (DLD) form that you have to submit to the Financial Aid Office (FAO). You can order your NSFAS laptop from where you have to verify all your personal and educational details.

3. Collect

After you have submitted your application and you are eligible enough for an NSFAS laptop then you have to collect the laptop you have ordered. Service providers will deliver the laptop to the required address. Also, it is important to bring to your knowledge that you have to be present while dispatching as you have to do a confirmation signature.

4. Identification

Identification is important while you are receiving your NSFAS laptop. Identification requires your identity card and academic registration.

5. Agree To Policies

It is very important that you should agree with all the terms and conditions before you receive your digital device.

6. Laptop Payment

The NSFAS student needs to give proof of all student requirements including an ID card, student documents, and the receipt of the digital learning device.


Can I get a laptop from NSFAS?

Yes, you can get your laptop from NSFAS only if you are eligible for it. Firstly, you have to submit the application, then you have to collect and identify the policies and documentation needed.

How will I get my NSFAS laptop?

Once after submitting the application, you have to wait for the NSFAS to contact you regarding the delivery of your laptop.

What type of laptop will I receive?

3 options are available so it depends upon students which one they are willing to order.

Do I have to pay for the laptop or is it free?

Laptop payment will be deducted from the student’s allowances.


Well, I hope that now you have got an idea of how to get an NSFAS laptop while you are a part of this program. You just need to give the required details so as to order the laptop soon. You will get the laptop from the institute in order to complete the Higher education. Students who are willing to get their education online can simply order an NSFAS laptop.

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