NSFAS Wallet | Guide to Login, Activate & Use it?

This article covers all the information related to the NSFAS wallet and its activation process.

What is NSFAS Wallet?

Nsfas Wallet

It is a digital wallet through which eligible students receive allowances from the NSFAS organization. Furthermore, it allows you to manage funds and withdraw money from NSFAS-affiliated stores and merchants.

NSFAS wallet is designed to deliver you convenient, safe, and secure means to access your funds. Think of the NSFAS wallet as a storage that stores your money, and you can access it anytime you want.

How Can I Activate My NSFAS Wallet?

NSFAS wallet is necessary for students eligible for the funds because NSFAS sends your allowances into the NSFAS wallet. Therefore, you won’t receive the payments without activating your account. Hence it’s necessary.

Before proceeding with the activation process, let me tell you some important information. To receive money in your NSFAS wallet, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must use a valid SIM card and your own mobile.
  • New Students must sign NSFAS Bursary Agreement.

Now let’s look at the process involved in activating your NSFAS wallet.

Step 1: Dial The Code

First, they will send you a message welcoming you to NSFAS Wallet. Then next, you must verify your account by dialing the short code *120176# and following the provided instructions.

Step 2: Generate a Password

Then, you must create a strong password (or it will be sent to you ) and username to access your account. Remember never to share your password with anyone and keep it secure because if anyone gets access to your password, they can withdraw money from your wallet.

Step 3: You Can Now Access Your Account

After your account verification, you can dial the short code *120176# again to get access to your NSFAS wallet account. Or you can go to the website https://celbux.appspot.com. Hence you can now monitor or withdraw funds from the affiliated stores.

Congratulations, you have successfully activated your NSFAS wallet and can make purchases.

Solutions For NSFAS Log-in Issue Due to Invalid Password

Sometimes it may happen that you receive the message “invalid Password” when logging in to your account. It can be due to entering the wrong password three times. Moreover, for safety measures, NASA will block your account.

If this happens, you can follow the following methods to resolve this issue.

Using Phone Method To Reset Your Password

To unlock your NSFAS wallet or reset your password follow the following steps:

  • Dial the short USSD code *120*175#.
  • Among the list of options, click on ”Unlock with OTP.”
  • The system will send you an SMS consisting of a one-time pin OTP.
  • Enter the pin sent to you in a provided box and click the “send” button.
  • After following this procedure, your NSFAS wallet account will be unlocked.

Another Method through Call

Moreover, to reset your password, you can also contact the NSFAS organization at 08000 6732700 and request them to change your password.

Using Email To Reset Your Password

You can also send an email to [email protected] along with the following documents:

  • ID number and copy
  • Full name
  • Cellphone number and email address
  • Address (both postal and physical)
  • And lastly, the reason and explanation of your issue

Reset Your Password Through The Official NSFAS Website

You can visit the NSFAS website to change your password; just follow the following guidelines:

  1. Navigate to the official NSFAS website nsfas.org.za/content/.
  2. Enter your login credentials and sign in to your account.
  3. After signing in, navigate to “NSFAS Connect/Webchat” and click it.
  4. Provide details required from you to move on to the next phase.
  5. There is a chat option that will allow you to consult your case with a consultant who will assist you throughout your problem.
  6. Tell them in detail about your case and the reason behind your issue related to your password.
  7. In addition, they will ask you to submit your authentic phone number, ID number, and email address. Remember to provide valid documents and an email address.
  8. Lastly, submit all of the information and wait for the response from their side. This is a live chat, so your issue can be resolved quickly. However, remember that you can only contact them during working hours and on days from Monday to Friday.

Contact Details for NSFAS Wallet Issues:

You can contact the NSFAS organization by sending an email to [email protected] if you have any general queries about the NSFAS wallet. Send an email to this address along with the following documents:

  • The student’s ID number.
  • Full name, along with surname.
  • Authentic and registered cell phone number and email address.
  • Physical address along with your postal address.
  • Explanation of the query that you are asking.

NSFAS wallet is a digital platform that offers students a safe and secure means of receiving, withdrawing, and managing their finances. You can now conveniently withdraw your money at any merchants and stores collaborating with NSFAS. Moreover, it also offers free transactions to students saving them from the deduction of any extra money.

However, to use the NSFAS wallet system, you need to activate it because you won’t be able to access the funds without it. The activation procedure is easy and simple; any student can follow it without any problem.

Furthermore, if you face any problems when logging in to your NFSAS wallet account, you can use different methods provided in the article to resolve your issue. There are various methods provided; select whichever you prefer.