How to Find NSFAS Accredited Accommodation in any City?

NSFAS educational grant covers most students’ finances, including tuition and living expenses. However, universities have limited space, which is usually insufficient for all students who need accommodation.

But students can avail of NSFAS-accredited accommodation. Always remember not all private housing properties and dorms are NSFAS accredited.

Nsfas Accredited Accommodation

So what can you do in such a situation?

We are here today for the same reason, to guide you on NSFAS-accredited accommodation.

Read ahead to learn how to find an accommodation accredited by NSFAS and its requirements because NSFAS issues accommodation allowances only to those students who live in NSFAS-authorized rooms and dorms.

What is an NSFAS Accredited Accommodation?

Many private property owners register their properties to be utilized by the students. But to win the title of NSFAS accredited accommodation, it should be according to the living standard of NSFAS.

All students looking for off-campus accommodation should ensure the place is NSFAS accredited, so if you are getting NSFAS funds, it will cover your rental cost too.

Now the question is how to find such accommodations. Don’t worry; we will cover everything in this article. I will also share my experience and how I hunted for NSFAS accredited accommodation. So here you go.

How to Find NSFAS Accredited Accommodation?

Many students don’t get a chance to live in campus hostels and dorms and get disappointed because they will have to look for another place outside the university they can afford. But thanks to the NSFAS accommodation allowance, this burden is taken off the student’s shoulders.

Now all you have to do is look for a place that NSFAS accredits. Here is how I found an NSFAS accredited place, so just follow my lead.

The easiest and simplest way to find a NSFAS accredited accommodation is to check the list of off-campus accommodations your university or college offers. While looking for NSFAS accredited accommodation last year, I visited my university’s student affairs department and got all the information about on and off-campus NSFAS accredited accommodations.

After getting the list, selecting an accommodation for myself was a piece of cake. You can try this too.

Apart from this, there are many other ways of finding an NSFAS accredited accommodation, such as contacting the NSFAS helpline, searching online, or asking in the university’s official social media group.

All these forums will provide accurate information about the NSFAS accredited accommodations, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of visiting the campus.

Pro Tip

Any accommodation accredited by a university automatically becomes NSFAS accredited. So instead of wasting your time, search for your university’s accredited accommodations online or ask your institution to give you insight regarding this issue.

NSFAS Accredited Accommodation Requirements

If you have read this article up till here, you must have got the idea that for a building to become NSFAS accredited accommodation, it should meet the criteria. The criteria are the same for all single rooms, shared rooms, or dormitories.

Moreover, the institution must ensure these private sector accommodations fulfill all the requirements. Mainly it focuses on the following requirements.


The foremost requirement of NSFAS accreditation is that the accommodation must be within a distance of 20km from the university. Moreover, it should have a student transportation facility throughout the day. If the accommodation fulfills these requirements only then it will be accredited by NSFAS.

Area and Size of the Room

To ensure every student lives and studies well, the NSFAS follows strict criteria, i.e., the single rooms should be at least 9 square meters while the shared ones must be at least 12 square meters. Students can design the space according to their requirements with a bed, chair, desk, lamp, common kitchen, etc. Furthermore, it should have the facility of free WiFi for all students.

Safety of the Students

Safety comes first, and any building providing residence to the students should be safe and secure. Therefore, any building used for student accommodation should be certified for fire safety, occupancy, residential permit, and electrical and security procedures. NSFAS only accredits buildings that fulfill these requirements.


NSFAS has strict rules to make accommodation easy and affordable for students, especially off-campus ones. According to NSFAS accreditation requirements and rules, the student housing places should charge the same rent as the university. No extra charges should be taken from the students; if the university and accommodation are not within 5km proximity, it should also adjust transportation fares in the rent.


Last but not least, any student housing that NSFAS will accredit should be comfortable to live in. On top of that, it should provide a learning environment for the students. So if any property owner wants NSFAS accreditation, they should remember that they can only get it if the accommodation fulfills all these requirements.


How much does NSFAS give for accommodation?

Every student getting NSFAS educational fund will get up to R45,000 annually for accommodation. The fund amount is the same for institutional and private accommodations.

How many months does NSFAS pay for accommodation?

NSFAS covers the living expenses of eligible students for 10 months.

Does NSFAS offer accommodation?

Generally, educational funds do not cover accommodation expenses, but NSFAS is different; they offer fixed allowances that cover the student’s living expenses.

How much does NSFAS pay for private accommodation in 2023?

Currently, NSFAS is paying R45,000 per annum for private accommodation.

Final Words

A bursary covering the living expenses of eligible students might seem strange because, usually, educational funds cover the tuition fee only. However, NSFAS covers the students’ accommodation and all other expenses. The only requirement of this organization is that the students must find an NSFAS accredited accommodation and get relief from their living expenses for a year because NSFAS will take care of all their expenses.

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