How to Unlock myNSFAS Account Login? 2 Quick Methods

Your NSFAS account is locked, but you don’t know how to unlock it? Then you are at the right place; this article presents the solution to your dilemma.

how to unlock mynsfas account login

This issue is mainly because you have repeatedly entered the wrong login credentials. The NSFAS system provides strong security to protect your account; hence if there is an unusual attempt, the system seeks to protect your account from unauthorized access.

However, there can be other reasons, too, such as system errors, etc. So now let’s look at the different solutions:

How To Unlock NSFAS Account Via Phone

This is the most convenient and easy method if you don’t have access to an internet connection; the only thing you need is strong networks. Read the following instructions to unlock your NSFAS account.

  1. Dial the short USSD code *120*176#. You should call from the registered cell phone number or number that is linked to the “myNSFAS” account.
  2. From among the list of options, select “Unlock with One-Time-Pin.”
  3. Shortly after, you will receive a message which includes the One-Time-Pin (OTP). It’s important for unlocking your account hence don’t lose it.
  4. Then write the given One-Time-Pin in a blank space and select the “enter” button.
  5. After performing the above steps, the NSFAS system will send you another message indicating your NSFAS account is unlocked.
  6. Hence, you can easily log in to your account now.

How To Unlock “myNSFAS” Account Via Email

This is another easy method you can use to unblock your account. You can write an email stating your reason and send it to [email protected]. This platform is specially created to assist recipients experiencing issues with their accounts. Moreover, before sending an email, you should include the following details.

  1. Your e-mail should include your full name and your surname.
  2. Attach your ID number and ID copy.
  3. Your registered cell phone number and email address.
  4. Also, provide both your physical and postal address.
  5. Lastly, write a detailed explanation of your query, meaning the problem or issue you need help with.

How Long Does It Take to Unlock Nsfas Wallet?

Most cases related to locked NSFAS accounts can be resolved immediately once your password is generated and the system verifies your identity.

The confirmation message from their side might take hours or even days, depending on the number of inquiries they are receiving.

Moreover, the time it takes also depends on the issue’s complexity; if it’s simple, like changing a password, etc., it will only take a few minutes, whereas a serious issue may need much time to fix.

In addition, if you want a faster solution, contact them only during working hours and days (Monday -Friday) so that they will respond early and quickly.

Contact Details:

Telephone Number: 08000 67327

You can now unlock your NSFAS account using simple and straightforward methods. You can either use your phone to unlock the account or simply send an email to the NSFAS organization. Moreover, remember that the time it takes to unlock the NSFAS account rests on the reason behind the issue.

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