Culinary Schools that Accept NSFAS

Do you want to become a chef but cannot afford the expenses of culinary school? As a South African student who recently graduated from high school, you can apply for NSFAS. It supports students wanting to study in any public culinary school nationwide. All the expenses for your education and training can be covered.

culinary schools that accept nsfas

I took two short courses from these schools and had a great experience. You can read the article to know all the details related to the culinary schools that accept NSFAS. This will help you during your admission to any one of these schools. I will be pleased if the information stated below helps any of you fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a chef.

1. Capsicum Culinary Studio

Capsicum Culinary Studio

The Capsicum Culinary Studio is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is considered to be very well-reputed around the globe. (It has branches in Durban, Pretoria and Rosebank as well).

This culinary studio is award-winning and must be the country’s best. It is one of my favorite places to learn about cooking and how the textures affect the presentation of the food.

Thousands of people enroll in this culinary studio for education and training. It has won many international recognition awards and made a name in catering too. The local institutions have also recognized the Capsicum Culinary Studio multiple times. You can apply for different professional courses related to cooking or catering.

However, it has a name which is why the courses are expensive. It would be best to not worry about the expenses because it accepts NSFAS to fund deserving students. After graduating high school, you can apply for financial assistance and attend Capsicum Culinary Studio to become a nationwide cooking and catering services professional.

2. JHB Culinary And Pastry School

Next, I have the JHB Culinary and Pastry School on the list. It is also located in Johannesburg and claims to offer students great training and teaching programs. Compared with Capsicum Culinary School, it has less popularity but does not compromise the student’s education and training. You will get the same type of education but will have to pay less.

It is also covered under the NSFAS if you are eligible for the assistance. All national and international students can apply for courses related to cooking and baking. You can become a pastry chef after completing the course at this school. I love that JHB Culinary and Pastry School focuses more on practical training during their full-time courses.

3. Silwood School Of Cookery

Silwood School Of Cookery
  • +27 (0)21 686 4894

The Silwood School Of Cookery is a reputed South African school focusing on food presentation, smell, and texture. It has maintained its reputation for years and emphasizes on the food’s texture. The students can register for a full-time course to learn everything about food. All the training provided at Silwood will help them dominate the food industry in the coming years.

As a fresh high school graduate, you can apply for a full-time course if you plan on having your restaurant one day. The school ensures that the students learn everything from the basics to international skills in the kitchens. You can apply for NSFAS before entering Silwood School of Cookery to become a professional chef.

4. KeTala Chefs Academy (CLOSED)

The KeTala Chefs Academy is located in Pretoria, South Africa and is considered the gem for the entire culinary industry. It teaches the students in a holistic environment and gives them an exceptional experience. As a student, you will learn everything from how to bring the ingredients from the farm and cook them in the kitchen.

You can apply for a full course or short program depending on how much you want to learn. However, it is an expensive academy that is out of range for many South African students. They need not to worry because it can accept bursaries and funds from programs like NSFAS. You can apply for admission and pay by using the fund.

Why choose a Specialised Culinary School?

Like all other professions, culinary is also considered the art of cooking. People judge the food by its appearance and focus more on texture and smell. Students are eager to explore this field, so they admit themselves to culinary schools.

They get proper education and training to make their food more delicious. If you are a South African student who likes to cook and bake, you can apply to any public culinary school in the country.

You need not worry about the expenses because most schools accept NSFAS. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme was initiated in 1999 to help students complete their education after graduating high school. Most culinary schools around South Africa accept NSFAS and fund students to complete their training and become professional chefs.

In my article, I have listed a few culinary schools that accept funds from NSFAS and help students fulfill their dreams. After researching and studying in one of these schools, I can assure you they have a very good system.

You can be admitted to any of these culinary schools near your home. They will help you work on your skills and learn more about the texture of the food.


Where can I study to become a chef in SA?

Many reputed culinary schools in South Africa offer short and full-time cooking courses. You can register yourself in any one of them if you want to become a chef.

What course is best for a chef?

To become a chef and open a restaurant, you should focus on culinary skills. They make your food look delicious and tempting.

Is culinary a good career choice?

Yes, culinary is a very good career choice as people nowadays emphasize on presentation, smell, and texture of food. It can add to your resume and give you many career options.


A brief but informative article on culinary schools that accept NSFAS is written above so you can apply to any of them easily. You can get full assistance and funds for your professional training if you cannot afford to pay the expenses for culinary school. NSFAS funds deserving candidates after they graduate high school. Hence you can apply for assistance and take admission to any public culinary school nationwide.


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