Coinvest NSFAS: What is it? | How to Login Account?

With changing times, online payment methods have gained much popularity. An individual can easily make online transactions or payments while sitting at home with the help of online applications.

Coinvest Nsfas

Among these numerous online applications and companies in South Africa, Coinvest is one of the leading companies that allows users to make online payments or transactions.

Now the question is, what does Coinvest have to do with NSFAS? The following article answers all your questions regarding this well-known fintech company.

As a citizen of South Africa, you must have heard about NSFAS. It stands for National Student Financial Aid Scheme and offers various bursaries to assist students financially. Coinvest is one of the leading partners of NSFAS to transfer aid to the student’s account.

What Is Coinvest NSFAS?

As I stated earlier, Coinvest is one of the most well-known fintech companies in South Africa that offers online payments and transactions through mobile phones. It is one of the most convenient platforms that help you make your daily money transactions. You can make these payments via a card, a desktop, or a Coinvest application on your mobile phone.

According to Coinvest, its central vision is financial intelligence. The primary mission behind this platform is to provide digital access to enable financial freedom. In other words, its primary objective is to provide digital access to people, making their life much easier.

Coinvest is the official partner with various platforms to make online transactions more effortless. Its most prominent partner is NSFAS. I use the Coinvest NSFAS account to receive my monthly fund from the NSFAS because it is more convenient.

As NSFAS provides financial aid to South African students, helping them to fulfil their basic academic necessities, it uses Coinvest to transact money in a student’s account.

Coinvest Money Accounts

Most online companies like Coinvest have only one account. When I first learned about this fintech platform, I thought it had one account like other platforms, but I was wrong. Coinvest offers three types of accounts, a main account, a physical card account, and a virtual account.

Main Account

The main account is the digital account and plays a vital role in keeping your fund’s knowledge safe. If you own a digital account and lose your physical card, you don’t have to worry about anything because no one can access your account.

Physical Card Account

Coming towards the second account type, this type provides a physical card you can use to make your daily transactions. Whether you have a personal or a learner Coinvest account, you can use the physical card for any transaction.

Virtual Account

It is one of my favorite and most convenient accounts because it helps you perform online transactions through your mobile application. I use the virtual account of Coinvest for online shopping and grocery stores because it is much more convenient and easy.

How to Login To Coinvest NSFAS Account?

  • To log in to your Coinvest NSFAS account, the first thing to do is visit its official website.
  • Once you open the website, click on Log In.
  • Three options appear on your screen, personal account, NSFAS student account, and CETA student account.
  • Click on the NSFAS student account and fill up the required fields to access your account.

If you are looking for a way to login to NSFAS portal, then its guide is below.


The above article contains detailed information about Coinvest NSFAS, its vision, mission, and account types. It is one of the leading fintech companies in South Africa to offer online transactions.

NSFAS sends funds to students through various platforms, but Coinvest is one of the most prominent because of its popularity and additional security for the users’ accounts.

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