News Final Update: NSFAS Student Found Guilty

nsfas student found guilty

Many students who are relying on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme sometimes get caught because of wrongdoings. Individuals who disobey the institution’s policies and procedures face strict reactions from the faculty. There are multiple cases that have happened in NSFAS where students are found guilty and they are punished according to the severity of the wrongdoing.

Well, if you are the one who wants to know about the NSFAS students who were found guilty and were punished according to their offense level then you are at the right site. In this article, I will tell you details about the NSFAS student found guilty incident which was shown on the news channel as well. Read the article carefully to know what consequences students face after committing wrongdoing.

Nsfas Student Found Guilty

NSFAS Student Found Guilty

Whenever an individual applies for admission to any institution it is important that they should read all the terms and conditions of that institute. Another important thing is that the students must agree to the policy criteria. When individuals are part of the institution they are obliged to follow the rules of that institution. When people violate the rules, they are strictly punished in response in order to make sure that other students do not follow this behavior.

The punishment is basically an alarming situation for all the students who are thinking of getting involved in any wrongdoing.

NSFAS allows funds to students who want to make their career but are unable to pay their admission fee or afford the extra charges of the institute. Once the students are benefited from this scheme they sometimes do things that violate the academic rules. Students who do fraud, cheating, plagiarism, and academic misconduct are punished by the institute.

As a result, most of the NSFAS students who were found guilty are being terminated from their NSFAS scheme. Students who perform illegal acts or disobey the laws of the institute have to face severe consequences, which will obviously depend upon the outcome of the wrongdoing.

It is very important that the institute should keep a check on all the students in order to make sure that they are not cheating or violating the rules.


Theft Of NSFAS Funds

Sibongile Mani who was 31 years old was selected for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme in 2017 and was imprisoned for theft. After an investigation, Sibongile Mani was found guilty as she stole funds from the NSFAS.

Five Years Imprisonment

Once the faculty found that she was guilty then they sentenced her to five years imprisonment. She was an adult girl and was considered a first-time offender. East London Regional Court Magistrate Twanette Olivier found that she was stealing funds from the NSFAS and broke the commitment she made with the NSFAS.

After all the evidence she was arrested in 2018 in the case of theft. She used to spend the money on her daily expenses across the country which was her monthly allowance for food. As a result of Sibongile Mani’s theft to NSFAS, she was imprisoned for almost 5 years.


What is the sentence for NSFAS?

Sibongile Mani after stealing money from NSFAS was punished with five years of direct imprisonment. In the end, she was found guilty and was sentenced to five years behind bars in jail.

How old is Sibongile Mani?

Sibongile Mani was a 31 years old lady who was the mother of two children belonging to a poor family background.

How long can NSFAS fund you?

The National Student Fund Aid Scheme will almost support you for 5 years. Each year the student will be funded with the required amount.


Well, I hope that now you have got an idea of what happened to Sibongile Mani after stealing NSFAS. She faced severe consequences and went to prison for five years. All the students who are a part of any funding system should make sure that they do not violate the rules of that funding system.

NSFAS provides funds to support the students to complete their education but the students who do wrong or steal the money often face severe consequences. Being a student you should be loyal to the organization and the funds they are providing.

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